Some of the work I do is still under NDA or can't be shown here, so here are the bits I can:


  • "Andy helped us turn our early stage prototype into the fantastic iOS apps we have today. We've relied upon him countless times and he has delivered each time. Looking forward to working with him again."
    Jay Bregman, Founder of Hailo
  • "I've been fortunate to not only work on a couple projects with Andy, but also use some of his apps. Normally when you work with someone who can do both code and design, they usually lack in one area... not Andy though. His attention to detail in both design and development are second to none. I will definitely be using him for my future applications."
    Sean Farrell, Creative Director at Brand Clay
  • "I've worked with Andy over the years as an employer, colleague and collaborator. In all three situations, Andy has been exceptional: both in the quality of his work and the level of insight he brings above and beyond the scope of any iOS project."
    Will Grant, Web technology professional
  • "Working with Andy Smart has, by far, exceeded all of our expectations! Our vision was perfectly captured and each step of the build was thoroughly communicated. Deadlines were were met in a timely fashion, with an acute attention to detail. This truly was a seamless process from a top-notch programmer."
    Nicki Jackson, Owner at CSS Online